Subscription Plans

4+ Odd Combo

As we said, that's our most affordable subscription plan at the moment. With this option, we could guarantee you daily profits and a significant improvement of your finances in the long term. Try not to forget that betting is not about winning here and there but winning consistently in the long term. That's the thing that really matters. Approach our 4+ Odd Combo, and you'd get our predictions by e-mail immediately after payment.

8+ Odd Combo

If you believe that you need to play with higher odds, then feel free to move to the 8+ Odd Combo. Here the profits would be much more impressive, and probably you've already tried it for yourself. The problem is you just can't do it, right? If you fail every time and feel something is missing, then it's the right moment for you to use the services of a tipster. Bets with odds higher than 8 are no joke, so you need some help. Why don't you give us a chance to prove we are the best on the market? Make the payment, and you'd receive the 8+ Odd Combo on your e-mail immediately.

Weekend Combo 15+ Odd

This is our most impressive subscription plan based on weekend games. If you have always dreamed about winning bets with odds higher than 15, that's your chance to finally do it and enjoy the best profits of your life. We do it only during weekends because that's the time when there's the most considerable amount of action all around the globe. This means that our tipsters can choose from thousands of different games and make the best possible choice for you. With 30+ years of experience combined, they have developed the skill to build the best possible strategies for weekend games. When your odds are so high (15+), it means that you'd need just one successful bet to register a significant profit. These combos are one of the best ways to finish your week with a massive smile on your face and some real bump in your pockets. Make the payment for our Combo 15+ Odd, and you'd receive our predictions via e-mail immediately.

NOTE: Weekend games are played on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you complete your purchase until Friday so that you can receive our predictions.